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We understand the challenges new authors may have, and thus we offer other services outside of our publishing packages as our main goal is to help unearth new authors. Below are some of our popular services and you are free to call or message us for further information.


Book Outlines- A book outline is the skeleton/blueprint of your book. It is a known fact that a book is written faster if you create a detailed outline. The challenge, however, is that many people have a topic and ideas but are unable to get their outline. We offer this service to help those who are thinking about writing but find it difficult to get started.


Story Structure- Do you have a document that is all over the place and needs structuring? We can help you with that.


Notes to Book Conversion- We often hear clients tell us that they have sermon notes, thesis, etc., but are unsure as to how to convert it into a book. Through this service we can take those notes and convert them into a full book for publishing.


Formatting- Maybe you have secured your editing and are only looking for book Formatting services. Things like font size, page numbers, line spacing, paragraph breaks–everything that goes into the look and feel of your book. Whether for print or Kindle, we can help you with that.







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