PEASE NOTE: We take great pride in work that is of positive content and thus we must be very selective. We do not publish work with any obscenities, negative concepts, or vulgarity in any form. 


What is a consultation? 

Our consultation is a meeting between both parties, (The Publisher and Potential Client) to discuss  and gain information for the proposed project.

Why do we charge for a consultation?

The consultations were free from the inception of our company until we realised that our time and information were being undervalued through meeting with clients who were just looking for free professional advice with no intention of retaining our services. As you can imagine, that was a problem as it was time consuming, and thus we decided to apply a fee. There is always room to welcome potential new clients; however, our existing clients will not be placed on the back burner. Our time cannot be wasted, as it is one of the most valuable commodities that we have.

What do you receive in our consultation?

One on one conversation with Publisher.  

You are allowed to ask any questions you may have written down.  

All the necessary information on publishing with Emunah.  

Advice on your book/potential book.  





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